Caerphilly Mountain A469 traffic: Read what I said in my submission to Caerphilly Council planners

April 26, 2016 at 3:32 PM

On Friday I handed over a petition signed by 1,016 people in Cardiff North asking planners in Caerphilly to reconsider plans to build up to 700 homes on the other side of Caerphilly Mountain and a bypass which could funnel even more traffic over the A469 Caerphilly Mountain road into Cardiff North.

We met Caerphilly MP Wayne David and Caerphilly Labour candidate Hefin David (both pictured below) to hand over the petition on April 22, near the Snack Bar on Caerphilly Mountain. Both are equally concerned about the plans and have called on the council to suspend its LDP until a Strategic Development Plan for SE Wales can be established.



Watch this: Why did we campaign on the plans for homes in Caerphilly?

Read my submission to Caerphilly Council planners

I am writing to express my concern about the proposals that are being put forward to build approximately 700 houses to the South and South East of Caerphilly and the new bypass. I am very worried about the likely impact of these proposals on the Cardiff North constituency.

An estimated 10,900 people a day already commute from Caerphilly to Cardiff. Inevitably some of the new houses will be bought by people who either already work in Cardiff or will go on to do so. People are very concerned this and the proposed bypass will lead to a huge increase in traffic onto the A469 Caerphilly Mountain Road which leads directly into the suburbs of Thornhill, Llanishen, Rhiwbina and Birchgrove in Cardiff North.

The traffic there is already horrendous and we have been contacted by many constituents concerned about this issue, as traffic is probably the major problem in Cardiff North. In the short time since constituents have started to express concern to me, we have collected a total of 1016 signatures on a petition, (463 on our paper petition and 553 signatures online). The petition calls upon the council to reconsider these plans.

Last year I campaigned hard for a green belt north of the M4 and this was also supported by Cardiff Council and the Civic Society. We all believe that it is necessary to help maintain the essential character of the city as well as preserving the countryside. In the end, the Inspector agreed to a green wedge which at least gives protection for the 10 year length of the Local Development Plan. I believe that such protection ought to be actively considered to the east and south of Caerphilly town. I would like to think that the green wedge above the north of Cardiff could meet up with a green wedge south of Caerphilly and that it could all eventually become a green belt.

Yours faithfully

Julie Morgan