Celebrating 120 years of Boots with the Whitchurch branch manager

November 22, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Cardiff North AM Julie Morgan met Boots' Whitchurch branch manager at a special event to celebrate the company's 120th anniversary in November. Manager Sian Kirby (pictured below with Julie Morgan) was specially chosen to attend the anniversary event in the Pierhead along with colleagues from across Wales.


Julie Morgan said:  "It was a pleasure to be able to meet Sian and hear more of the work that’s done in Boots in Whitchurch to improve the health of our community. Boots has been a stalwart on our high streets for such a long time and as such has become an important local employer. I wish them well for the future."

Whitchurch store manager Sian Kirby said: " I thoroughly enjoyed representing my team in Whitchurch and being a part of the 120th celebration in Cardiff Bay. It was wonderful to see members of the Welsh Government and the National Assembly showing that they appreciate the work we do in our Boots stores throughout Wales, and to help build better partnerships for the future. It was also great to see some of the Boots memorabilia on display and photos of our stores across the century. I am really proud that Boots has such strong roots in Wales and to see of all the work that we do to support our local community in Whitchurch being celebrated."