Congratulations to newly-elected Anna McMorrin, your new Cardiff North MP

June 12, 2017 at 12:10 PM

Congratulations to the newly-elected MP for Cardiff North, Anna McMorrin.

Anna led an energetic campaign and she got the highest percentage of the vote (50.1%) since 1997 (Julie Morgan gained 50.4%). The turnout was very high at 77.4% (compared with 76.1% in 2015). She overturned Conservative Craig Williams' 2,137 majority of the 2015 General Election to win a majority of 4,174.


Anna (pictured) is one of a record number of female MPs heading to Westminster to be sworn in. There are now 208 women in the Commons, up from 191 in 2015, as a result of Thursday's general election. 

Overall 32% of MPs are women but there are significant variations between parties. For Labour the figure is 45%, and 21% for the Conservatives.

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The 2017 General Election results for Cardiff North 

  • Anna McMorrin (Labour) 26,081 
  • Craig Williams (Conservative) 21,907
  • Steffan Webb (Plaid Cymru) 1,738
  • Matthew Hemsley (Liberal Democrat) 1,714
  • Gary Oldfield (UKIP) 582

See the full breakdown of the results on the BBC website.