Julie Morgan welcomes planning approval for new Velindre Cancer Centre

December 14, 2017 at 4:22 PM

Yesterday (December 13), Cardiff Council's planning committee unanimously approved plans for a new Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff North. You can read my statement below.



The Assembly Member for Cardiff North, Julie Morgan, has welcomed the decision by planners to allow a new Velindre Cancer Centre to be built on land in her constituency saying, “I hope the people of Whitchurch will rally behind this new centre.”

Julie Morgan said: “I am very supportive of the new Velindre Cancer Centre and I welcome the news that the council’s planning committee gave it unanimous support.


“I will work with concerned residents and the Velindre team to make sure that environmental damage is minimised. I think it’s a great opportunity for the area to be home to a first-class cancer centre. Most of us are touched by cancer – either ourselves or members of our family – and I think it will be wonderful to have a centre of excellence here.


“As for the impact on the northern meadows, we know that there was existing planning permission for houses – so it was either a hospital or houses. Now we must do what we can to ensure that patients, visitors and the people of Whitchurch are able to enjoy the land around the hospital.”