No reprieve for NatWest in Whitchurch – but mobile bank planned

December 07, 2017 at 4:38 PM

December 7, 2017

No reprieve likely for NatWest in Whitchurch – but mobile bank planned

Julie Morgan, the Assembly Member for Cardiff North, held a meeting today [December 7] with NatWest senior managers about plans to close NatWest branches in Whitchurch and the University Hospital of Wales in 2018.

Julie Morgan said: "I am disappointed that the bank will not reconsider its decision to close the branch in Whitchurch or UHW and I have told them this.

"Nothing will replace having an actual branch in Whitchurch, however they are proposing a mobile bank once a week and a community banker to be based in Whitchurch one day a week from March next year."

The managers said they are now actively seeking a place where the mobile bank can park – and premises to rent for the new 'community banker'.

The bank expects the vast majority of customers will use the local post office as the community banker will not be able to deal with cash transactions. However they will be able to offer advice on loans and mortgages and will enable customers to learn about mobile banking by carrying out transactions with them using ipads.

Julie Morgan said: "I have been reassured that the community banker role will be a permanent position to start from March 2018, before the bank branch closes."