Rhodri Morgan memorial fund generates more than £6,000 for charities


July 21, 2017 at 3:42 PM

 The JustGiving fund set up in memory of Rhodri Morgan, Wales’ former First Minister, has surpassed its £5,000 target generating £5,493 – and together with cash donations the total raised in his name comes to £6,383 and people are still giving.

 Julie Morgan, AM for Cardiff North, said: “It is wonderful that so many people have donated so generously. We wanted to put the money to good use and asked for donations instead of flowers.

“As a family we wanted to choose small charities which will benefit most from a donation and are mainly based in Rhodri’s former constituency of Cardiff West. The charities we will be giving money to include homelessness charity Llamau, Ely Garden Villagers, which supports local football teams, Making Music Changing Lives, a project which funds instruments for children to learn on, and Cardiff Samaritans.”

She added: “We will also be giving a donation to Life For African Mothers, a charity which helps prevent women dying in childbirth. Rhodri was a strong supporter of the charity and had a great interest in Africa. The money has enabled them to send a shipment of medicine right now which was waiting to go but they didn’t have enough money to send it. This will directly help save the lives of mothers who give birth in sub-Saharan Africa.”


What charities will benefit from Rhodri Morgan's fund?

 Life For African Mothers – PICTURED (right): Julie with chief executive Angela Gorman


Julie said: “Rhodri was passionate about this charity as everything it does directly saves lives. It supplies drugs to give to women after childbirth which stop them bleeding to death – routine drugs that we have here are literally life-saving in countries which can’t afford them. I was so pleased to hear that the money has gone directly to fund a shipment of 144,000 tablets which will help around 50,000 women – and what’s more they were able to send double the quantity of medicine that they were planning to.”

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LlamauPICTURED (below, right): Julie with chief executive Frances Beecher


Julie said: “I wanted to give money to Llamau as it does so much good work in helping homeless people – in particular I thought the money should go to the ‘Safe Project’ as it offers a shelter for women with drug and alcohol problems and is in Rhodri’s former constituency of Cardiff West.”

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Cardiff Samaritans

Julie said: “The money will go towards the Cardiff branch of Samaritans – one of 9 branches in Wales – which is moving to a new office in Ely where they will be more accessible to the community for face-to-face support, as well as offering emotional support by phone and email. They really do amazing work helping people who are sometimes quite desperate and I think Rhodri would be fully supportive of helping them.”

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Making Music Changing Lives

Inspired by the Venezuelan music programme made famous by the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, the charity aims to make music accessible to children regardless of their social and economic background. As well as organising concerts in local schools it currently has around 40 children learning violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, cornet and trombone.

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Ely Garden Villagers

They help support nine football teams in Ely, aimed at keeping children out of trouble. They set up the ‘Ely Elympics’ which took place again in July at Ely Festival and was a great success with eight local junior schools involved. They train indoors in winter and run free soccer camps in Summer.  

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