Say NO to Caerphilly Mountain traffic chaos

April 13, 2016 at 3:42 PM

A development of up to 700 new homes on the other side of Caerphilly Mountain would attract more Cardiff-bound commuters and could have a massive impact on North Cardiff, bringing traffic chaos to Rhiwbina, Thornhill, Birchgrove, Heath and also Gabalfa.

Say NO to more traffic on the already congested A469 mountain road to avoid parts of Cardiff North becoming a commuter car park.

There are already an estimated 10,900 people a day who commute out of Caerphilly to Cardiff – the new housing development and the bypass that goes with it will vastly increase the number on the mountain road to Cardiff.

We need to let Caerphilly planners know that North Cardiff says no to more traffic on the A469 by the end of April.

The consultation on the revision of the Caerphilly Council Local Development Plan (which would extend to 2031) closes on April 22.

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What Julie Morgan says about the traffic on the A469

Julie Morgan said: “While I obviously recognise that people need homes to live in, a development of this size just over themountain from Cardiff North needs to be properly thought through.

“Has anyone considered how much extra commuter traffic this will bring to the streets of north Cardiff? Inevitably if that many homes are built it will be easy to commute into Cardiff and it could bring Rhiwbina, Llanishen and Birchgrove to an almost complete standstill at rush hour.

“We are already going to have lots of new homes built in the north of Cardiff under the Council’s Local Development Plan but we have just secured a ‘green wedge’ to protect land north of the M4 from development. It seems ridiculous then to build a development that will allow a massive increase in the traffic travelling through this beautiful area.”