Welsh Water starts work at Llanishen Reservoir

July 07, 2016 at 12:42 PM

Welsh Water has announced that it is beginning the long process of restoring Llanishen Reservoir in Cardiff North this month, following its acquisition in January this year.

It has reinstated its commitment to open up the site to the public access in the longer term and set out its initial plans for the work this July - including ecological surveys, dam condition surveys and ground maintenance work - in a letter to residents on June 28.

  • Read the letter from Welsh Water in full and see the map here

Welsh Water said: "The acquisition of the reservoirs is important to Welsh Water as they will play an important rolereservoir-twitter-header-v3.jpg in helping us to strengthen our water resources for the capital for the future.  Furthermore, our acquisition represents an opportunity to secure the long term future of the site.

"At the time of the announcement, we stressed that there was a lot of work that needed to be done at the site to fully understand its condition before we could make any firm commitment on future plans. Since our acquisition of the reservoirs, we have been busy working on finalising the plans for the assessment work that needs to be carried out and we are now just about ready to begin."

What type of work will start at the reservoir this July?

Over the course of the next few months, there will be an increased presence from Welsh Water personnel, and contractors, on the site. As the reservoir has been drained for a number of years understanding its condition will be essential to help determine what remedial work is required to enable any future refill. 

Some of the work Welsh Water will be carrying out includes:

  • ecological surveys to fully understand the valuable flora and fauna that exists on the site;
  • ground and dam condition surveys, in particular to understand the condition of Llanishen;
  • health & safety improvements to manage any hazards on site which could pose a risk to public health;
  • and ground maintenance, such as grass cutting and vegetation removal around the banks of the reservoirs.

If you want to find out more about this work you can contact Welsh Water on 
0800 052 0130: ask to speak to Gwyn Thomas, head of regional communications.

What the work entails - the practicalities

  • Welsh Water will be setting up a work compound area in the car park located at the southern edge of Llanishen Reservoir.  This is the car park that is accessed from Rhyd y Pennau Road.  The compound is likely to be in place for around 12 months.
  • For walkers who use the car park area there will be safe, alternative routes in place. Vegetation clearance work on the southern side will take place through the summer and temporary diversions for pedestrians will be in place.
  • There will be a perimeter fence around the site. Once the work is completed Welsh Water will remove the fence that was erected at the top of the bank of Llanishen reservoir to enable managed access to the site to the public in the future.
  • Unfortunately access to the site over the summer will not be possible while works are underway but the site will reopen to visitors as soon as possible.