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Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North

Local lockdown restrictions in Cardiff FAQs

Following a sharp increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the Cardiff Council area, new restrictions have been introduced to reduce the spread of the virus and protect public health for people living in the area. The restrictions came into force at 6pm on 27 September 2020 and will be kept under review.

New rules for people living alone in local lockdown areas were introduced on Oct 2, 2020

Adults living alone, including single parents, in areas under local restrictions will be able to form a temporary bubble with another household in their local area under the new rules coming into force tomorrow (3 October).

The change is designed to help protect people living alone from the risk of experiencing loneliness and isolation and will enable to them to meet other people indoors – something, which is ordinarily not allowed unless someone has a reasonable excuse anywhere across Wales.

The rule of six will apply to these new single people household bubbles.

  • See the latest guidance on this HERE

The main local lockdown restrictions are:

  • people will not be allowed to enter or leave the Cardiff Council area without a reasonable excuse
  • people will no longer be able to form, or be in, an extended household (sometimes called a “bubble”)
  • this means meeting indoors with anyone who is not part of your household (people you live with) is not allowed at the moment, unless you have a good reason, such as providing care to a vulnerable person
  • all licensed premises have to stop serving alcohol at 10pm
  • people must work from home wherever possible
  • FAQS on the Cardiff local lockdown rules are HERE

Why have these restrictions been put in place?

These restrictions are being introduced following a sharp and rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Cardiff Council area. This has been caused by groups of people meeting indoors, not following social distancing guidelines and returning from summer holidays abroad with coronavirus.

How long will these restrictions stay in place?

The restrictions will be in place until the risk of the spread of coronavirus has reduced, when they can be relaxed. The Welsh Government has a duty to review these restrictions after two weeks and every week after that if the restrictions remain in place longer than that.